Good Vibes – Picking the Perfect Custom Door
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“In the universe, there are things known and things unknown,
and in between, there are doors.” – William Blake

Your front door is so much more than a chunk of wood with a knob. It is the gateway to your inner world and the guardian of your castle.

To some, it may look like an invitation, and to some it may look like a barrier. Salesmen, friends, family, neighbors and even police officers all respect a front door.

A door is like a “stop sign” of sorts, requiring a moment of pause; a moment in which you have the opportunity to make a statement to the inquirer about who you are and what they can expect inside.

A unique custom door can set the tone for your day as you head out to work, or get your houseguest’s stay started off on the right foot.

Plus, there is one very special person who will constantly be walking through your door: you!

So it’s doubly important to think about what kind of door will be best for you.

With so many custom choices, which one will fit? Like you, each custom door has a character and personality.

Begin your quest by choosing from the following list, the word or words best describe your own and your household’s “vibe.”What would be the words your friend would use to describe you, the shortest way possible?

  1. Fun and Playful
  2. Distinctive
  3. Warm and Welcoming
  4. Quiet and Private
  5. Funky

1. If you chose the words Fun and Playful, a wooden door with wrought iron and glass will add whimsy to your front porch. Exquisite scrolls, points, lines and shapes practically give any visitor an art show while they wait. When paired with the warmth and softness of wood, wrought iron conveys a dynamic personality, ready to charm and delight all who enter.

Product 1
Product 1

2. If you feel yourself to be more on the Distinctive side, an all-iron door may be just the gatekeeper to make an impression. Heavy, safe and solid—this is a choice where form meets detail. Brushed gold finishes on the metal add a touch of elegance and finish off this masterpiece with a little door bling. It’s a bold choice

3. Want a Warm and Welcoming atmosphere at your entryway? You can smile and wave as you glide to open a classic wooden door with glass paneling for your loved ones. Social households who host book clubs and dinner parties can choose from clear, textured and any number of colored glass panels depending on whether they like to feel close to what’s outside the front door, or they want to keep things a bit fuzzy.

Product 1
Product 1

4. If you’re a little more on the Quiet and Private side, either a classic full-wood or full-fiberglass door make a great shield from the hustle and bustle outside. Once the door is closed, it’s closed. Muffle all those honks, beeps and voices if you are near a busy area. And, quiet doesn’t mean boring! With over fifty finish choices, plus the option for custom carving and detail work, a full-wood door is anything but plain.

5. Funky dresser with an eye for industrial design? A contemporary door made out of wood, steel or fiberglass focuses on glass panels that create clean lines, modern ratios and an entry way that likely leads to a bright, modern interior. The cool thing about these contemporary doors is that they make a perfect canvas on which to hang a wreath, artwork, or your funky seasonal decorations!

Product 1

“Bet you never knew there was so much “behind” a custom door, did you? Beyond your chosen “vibe,” there are even more specifications to make your custom door a true work of art that will last for generations and preside over the spirit of your home. Mahogany, maple, oak or walnut woods all have their own texture and energy, plus added details like color finishes, glass, sidelights, and carvings will take your custom Madison Door to a whole new level. Give us a knock and find out!

Flora Whitmore once said: “The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” and at Madison Doors, we also believe that they have a great deal to do with how we live them.

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